5 Reasons to Purchase Energy Star Certified Appliances

5 Reasons to Purchase Energy Star Certified Appliances

5 Reasons to Purchase Energy Star Certified Appliances

Remodeling your home? There are many ideas that allow you to bring your creative visions to life in your home, but some are better than others. Projects that also add efficiency to your home are well-worth the money and time spent, with benefits you’ll enjoy for a long time ahead. When replacing appliances in your home, always look for the Energy Start certification sticker if you want to improve efficiency around your place. Many older homes are without these energy efficient appliance and homeowners are likely to be paying dearly for that. Take a look at 5 reasons to replace your appliances with energy star certified products without delay.

  1. Reduce Energy Usage

Admit it: you’re paying more for energy than you ever imagined you would. Reducing the bills would be a blessing, but seems an impossible task. An easy way to drastically reduce energy consumption and costs is with energy star certified products. It is possible to cut 1/3 off of your energy consumption, equaling as much as $700 annually in savings.


  1. Tax Credits & Rebates

Another excellent way to save money with the purchase of energy star certified products is with the use of the available tax credits and rebates available. These vary from one appliance and brand to the next, but most are very generous. You can receive as much as $1,500 in tax credits with energy star appliances. Rebates vary but are also just as plentiful and exciting.

  1. Quality Products

Choosing an energy star certified product provides you peace of mind and assurance that you are getting a product that is going to exceed expectations. All energy star certified products are high quality and have met guidelines for efficiency set forth by the US Department of Energy and the EPA.

  1. Help the Environment

We all want to do our part to help the environment. Not only do you get the benefit of saving money and improving the look of your home with the addition of energy efficient appliance, you also get the assurance of knowing you are doing your part to help the environment! It is the small things that make a big difference and this is an awesome way to help.

  1. Awesome Selection

Whether you’re in the market for a new washing machine or a new hot water heater; a new window A/C unit or a new showerhead or kitchen faucet, there are numerous choices available to cater to your needs as well as budget. You gain the assurance of quality while also having your pick of choices. Does it get any better?

When shopping for new appliances, ask your sales rep for energy star certified products only. You’ll enjoy the benefits above and many others. Why not?