Doh! Don’t make these Common Home Repair Blunders

Doh! Don’t make these Common Home Repair Blunders

Most people have a few handyman tricks up their sleeves. With the rising costs of hiring a home improvement company to make a repair, it is almost a necessity to acquire some of these skills along the way. Learning some of the simple DIY tricks helps you save money, time, and makes you feel accomplished. However, if you fall victim to any of these home repair blunders, you could cost yourself a lot of money, and embarrassment. Keep this handy list with you before tackling your project and never worry of making these silly, but costly, blunders.

Has your pipe sprung a leak? This is a simple repair that most anyone can make. But, some people are so eager to make the repair they forget to turn the water off. Needless to say, the end result can be quite the watery situation. Before you begin making any type of repairs to your pipes, ensure that you’ve turned the water off first!

Whether it is new blinds, a door for the cabinet or something else, measurements are required! No matter how sure you are o size, measuring eliminates doubt, and ensures that you get the right product the first time. Do not rush the job or assume that you know and cause more hassle than what is required. A measuring tape takes care of the job.

Some jobs will require you to obtain a work permit in order to complete. It is fairly easy to acquire one of these permits, so make sure that you do so before starting the job. Failure to obtain the proper permits could result in stiff fines and other penalties.


Plan your budget, and take the necessary time required to plan properly. So many people fail to under budget for their project, and spend far more than what they anticipated. This could easily cause you to go into debt! Plan, plan, and plan some more, properly budgeting, and don’t face this shock later down the line.