Hasta la Vista, House Eyesores: How to Hide those Unsightly things around the House

Hasta la Vista, House Eyesores: How to Hide those Unsightly things around the House

Hasta la Vista, House Eyesores: How to Hide those Unsightly things around the House

Whether or not company is coming by, maintaining a beautiful home is important to most families. Your home is a representation of the person that you are. As such, it should be as beautiful as the image your eyes create.

Many eyesores about the house cause grief for homeowners that wish to showcase a brilliant home, but there are plenty of ideas to rid those unsightly pictures from your home and your mind. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of those eyesores around your home.

In the Bathroom

  • Hate bottles of lotion, shampoo, etc. sitting around your bathroom? Use clear decorator bottles and transfer these unsightly bottles into something that tickles your fancy.
  • Don’t care for the tile that you have on the floor, but don’t have the funds to replace it? Did you know that you can paint it? It is true! If you’re ready to get an updo, this is definitely an option for the cost-conscience DIYer.
  • Making your own toilet paper holder is fairly simple, with tons of different possibilities.

In the Kitchen

  • When you want more than a paper towel holder, hide your paper towels using a handmade box with the bottom removed for easy towel distribution.
  • A kitchen island drawer (or other drawer) makes for a great recycling bin. It is easy to place both a trash receptacle and a recycling bin inside, keeping them out of the way and out of your view.

Female Hands Framing Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.

Around the House

  • Most people hate the look of wires around the walls and floors. There are many ways to conceal them, however. One idea is to use stickers or decals on the cords to give it a bit of flavor. Using trim is also a great way to get rid of those cords. Wires behind a entertainment center or desk are easy to conceal with a drop cloth.
  • Hate the electrical box and the way that it looks? A doormat or a simple wall-hanging instantly add delight to the room.
  • Use a tension rod over an air conditioning unit with a small curtain to cover the unit.
  • Is the dog crate an eyesore that doesn’t sit well with you? In a short matter of time, creating a cover is simple with a few piece of fabric and your creative visions.
  • Cover vents with style using a radiator cover.
  • Use art work to cover light switches, thermostats, etc. around the house.

Final Thoughts

With the tips and ideas above, hiding any eyesores around your house is much easier than you ever imagined possible. Put as many of these ideas to work and in no time at all you’ll have created a space that you love, no matter how unsightly it appeared before.