Looking for a New Roof

Looking for a New Roof Looking for a New Roof

When you are concerned about the impact your lifestyle has on the environment, what better way to make a sterling contribution than to create a green roof with a carbon-free footprint? What’s more, your investment leaves more cash in your wallet.

Green advocacy organizations in the US say that the demand for green roofs has grown an astonishing 115 percent over the years, and there’s no sign of a slowdown. So if you are looking for a company that can do this type of roofs search for roofing birmingham al

Ask landscape developers the meaning and they will tell you that a green roof is a complex amalgam of a lightweight prefabricated structure supporting a living plant-based ecosystem that grows on a judicious mixture of compost enriched soil.

The typical green roof is a nine layered structure which has inbuilt vapor control systems, waterproofing properties, thermal insulation capability, a moisture retaining and waste disposing filtration membrane, and a growth medium sustaining different varieties of plant species.

Four Fabulous Features About Green Roofs That Homeowners Love

  1. Green Roofs Play an Environmentally Protective Role

The green roof:

  • Offers a living barrier that effectively filters polluting smoke, water and storm residue.
  • Optimizes use of runaway water that would otherwise be lost to the surroundings.
  1. Green Roofs Improve the HVAC Efficiency of the Home

A green cover insulates the home effectively keeping the home warm in winter and cool and moist in hot summers. Such roofs increase the energy efficiency of the home. Also look for Metal Roofing Birmingham AL

  1. Green Roofs Ultimately Tropicalize Your Property

Green roofs act as a magnet bringing wildlife to your doorsteps. Birds, small animals, and insects nurture an ecosystem that encourages and sustains vegetative growth.

  1. Green Roofs Attract Incentives and Tax Breaks

Most state governments offer grants, incentives and tax breaks to homeowners opting for green coverings. The tax and energy savings generate more money that can be re-invested in roof gardens.