What’s Hot in Remodeling and Interior Design

What’s Hot in Remodeling and Interior Design


Specialists have gathered a list of things that represent a “must have” for the next period of time. However, it’s also known that homeowners will make their homes as they want to, because not everything is adequate for each person and personality.

What comes next represent only inspirations, as these too can be transformed and adapted to someone in particular. People need to know that there are different possibilities when decorating a place, and, what is most important, is that the place itself must be on the liking of the owner.

The Sockets

RemodelingThese need to be in a sufficient number all around the house, because you don’t want to discover that you have more appliances than sockets. What you can improve is the design of the socket, meaning that you can install one or two sockets that are adapted for your phone, be it with Apple or with any other operating system. Don’t place it too close to the floor, but make it available easy by placing it near the couch or near a table. This way, your phone will charge safely, because that special socket has a sensor that will allow it to cut off the power when the phone is charged.

Install a Shower

People don’t feel the need anymore to spend so much time in a tub, and that’s why the shower is in trend right now. You could have them both in your bathroom, this adding style and popularity to that room. With both of them, or just the shower, you will certainly improve the bath experience. What is now sought is the curb-less shower, which is very popular among new homeowners. Get your own and a nice vanity, and your bathroom design is ready.


If you are looking for a great tub, try out the stand-alone one. It will make a wonderful effect in your bathroom and it will take you into another era, when women had maids that helped them take the bath. Install a chrome appliance, and your bathroom is ready.

The truth is that this kind of tub can be installed even in the smallest bathrooms, and it takes up so little space that if the room is bigger, it leaves enough space for even a shower.

The Floating Shelves

Be it for the kitchen or for the living room, the floating shelves will be eye-catching details. For example, the kitchen cabinets can be divided with the help of floating shelves. This way, people will easily recognize different areas in the kitchen, and you will also have enough space to hang some form of art on a wall. It’s easy and fun, and you can use them in different colors to accent different areas.


Renovations-Remodeling-1024x680You’ll hear different things from different interior designers, but they have a certain thing in common on which they agree – this is a time for bright colors. You may be into simple white or beige that most people use to decorate their kitchen, but you can surely add some color spots and combine them to create a wonderful effect.

What is mostly used in fashion today and also in the interior decorating is the cobalt blue, which is extremely hot for today. You can use it in any room you like, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. Combine it with soft colors, and you’ll create something special for yourself.

Express yourself

It won’t matter what you choose, because this is actually the ultimate goal – to express yourself. You can do bold things with your rooms, like choosing strong contrasting colors, layered textiles or gilded frames. Do what your imagination tells you and don’t be afraid. This season it’s all about colors and textures, so try out anything you like.